V for vendetta

v-for-vendetta-posterAmerican thriller from 2005.
Starring: Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Rupert Graves
Director: James McTeigue
Writers: Lilly Wachowski, Lana Wachowski, David Lloyd
Bechdel test: Pass


In a dystopian future England the Party demands obedience from it’s citizens, and the freedoms we enjoy today are mostly gone. Then one man, V, starts to challenge the Party’s regime and tries to wake the British people and make them see what the state is doing.


I have not seen this movie before, but I really liked it.

I think many of the points made in the movie, is important in our world today. Several governments now tell us that we should sacrifice personal freedoms and privacy in order to combat terrorism. And that is just what have lead to a gruesome regime in “V for vendetta”.

What a wonderful antihero V is. He possesses everything, has every quality, I need to fall for the antihero. He has a horrible backstory, he has a noble goal and he wants love, but above all, he is very much an anti hero.


V is amazingly portrayed by Hugo Weaving. He gives the character flare and V seems genuine in a setting where it would be easy to play him overly dramatic.

It is nice to see Natalie Portman again, and this time as an adult. It was just a few days ago that I saw her as a child in “Leon: The professional“. (They grow up so fast.) She delivers in this movie too.

The bad guys are skillfully played by great actors as well.

The story is, as mentioned, quite important. It is also thrilling and kept my attention through the movie. There is a bit of a turn midway that failed to surprise me. Other than that, no complaints.

Visually this movie underwhelmed me. The places you can go with such a dramatic story and such strong imagery were not visited. The whole movie was mostly made to look ordinary with everyday houses and streets. It made the story seem closer to my current reality, and more applicable to my life. Maybe we need V?


I would love to watch “V for vendetta” again. I would also like to read the graphic novel it is based on. (If you want that, here is a link to “V for vendetta” graphic novel on amazon.)


I recommend this movie to everyone. Not just because it is a good movie and a good story, but also because I think it is important that everyone reflects upon how much of their liberty and privacy they accept to lose. I do not suggest children under the age of 15 see this movie without a parent.

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