Rome, open city (Roma citt√† aperta)

rome-open-city-posterItalian black and white war drama from 1945.
Starring: Anna Magnani, Aldo Fabrizi, Marcello Pagliero
Director: Roberto Rossellini
Writers: Sergio Amidei, Federico Fellini, Roberto Rossellini, Alberto Consiglio
Bechdel test: Pass


Giorgio Manfredi is part of the resistance during the Nazi occupation of Rome. He searches for a place to hide and not put anyone else at risk.


“Rome, open city” was made just after the war ended and I assume the story and visuals are quite close to reality. That is maybe the most interesting part of this movie. Not that the rest is bad, but I was fascinated by seeing Rome in 1945 and how someone from this time would tell a story about the war.


With this month’s focus on how scenes come together to tell the story and makes shifts in the plot line, I think this movie does a great job in this way. The long scenes bring changes in the tension and ups the stakes, while shorter scenes sets up these longer ones. Maybe that is what I will see in most movies, but in this first one where I focus a little on this, that is what I noticed.

The story it self in “Rome, open city” is a little predictable, but shows well different fates of resistance fighters from many places in Europe, and maybe elsewhere. The acting was also good, but a little stereotypical. I am starting to see a trend in acting. It was a little bit more dramatic and stereotypical during the 30’s to 50’s, so that might be why I find the acting a bit larger than life.


I liked the movie, but mostly because I was fascinated by the smaller scenes and their glimpses of daily life and scenery of Rome during the war.¬† It wasn’t as good as the different best movies ever list implies, but still not a waste of time.


Don’t think I would recommend “Rome, open city”, it was a little too obvious.

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