Hell or high water

hell-or-high-water-posterAmerican crime drama from 2016.
Starring: Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Jeff Bridges
Director: David Mackenzie
Writer: Taylor Sheridan
Bechdel test: Fail


Two brothers are left with a farm in debt and robs a string of banks to try and keep the family inheritance. Two rangers chase the robbers.


I have not seen “Hell or high water” before and I thought it was a fine movie. Nothing all that special, but I was entertained through the whole movie.

It is my first meeting with an actor that plays a Star Trek captain while writing these captain’s logs, which is a little bit fun.


“Hell or high water” is an indictment of the banking system and their sale of various saving schemes, and the story deals with the consequences of just one such sale. And there are many fates that are effected by these practices.

The world that these two brothers and the rangers that chase them inhabit is very different from any reality I have experienced. This might be artistic license by the movie makers or it might be that Texas is just that different. Either way, this might as well have been sci-fi in regards to how real the world feels. But just as most sci-fi stories, the characters and their journey feels completely real.

The acting was good, and so was the music and cinematography.


I don’t think I will see this movie again. I am not unhappy that I’ve seen it once, but that is enough. I would not object if someone out it on, though.


I would recommend this movie to any adult, if they asked me about it, but I would not volunteer “Hell or high water” as a movie to watch.

Over to you

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