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About me

Just a little about me, so that you know a little more about who you are contacting.

I love sneaking in some time for a nap every now and again, and so I have called myself stolen naps on this here blog.

When I manage to get a small nap during the day, I sometime have dreams with seriously weird and strange ideas. Some of these ideas are stupid and should clearly never be tried out in real life, however, some of them are quite excellent. When I wake up from a nap with one of these nice ideas, I call them dream berries. (My excuse for naming something like that is that I am tiered and don’t have fantastic judgement just as I get out of bed. I am not as flaky as this sounds.) So, anyway, I called this blog; Dreamberries, because I hope it’s a good idea.

My portrait:


If you wish to know something specific about me, feel free to ask in a comment, or send me a question above, and I will post a reply on this page, if I find that appropriate. As for now, I can’t think of what other details to tell you about myself.

My favorite movie right now is “The princess bride” (1987), but that changes all the time.

Photo at the top of the page called showing a crowd lining up to see “Gone with the Wind” in 1947 was taken by Florida MemoryCrowds line up to see “Gone with the Wind” – Pensacola, No restrictions, Original photo.