What is a captain’s log

I write up my opinions about the daily movie as a captain’s log, like the captains on Star Trek. I think I am most like Captain Kirk, but opinions may differ.

During the curse of an episode, there would be typical log entries and they could easily consist of the same elements as an opinion about a movie.

And so, these are the parts of a captain’s logs here on Dreamberry.

Exposition – a short recounting of the movie’s plot.

Reaction – my initial thoughts just after viewing the movie.

Contemplations – my subjective view on the story, acting, images, sound or anything else that might have stood out.

Judgement – my conclusion about the movie. My subjective opinion on how I enjoyed the experience of watching the movie.

Epilogue – my advice about the movie. Such as who (if anyone) would enjoy it. Just the kind of advice I would give a friend, not any kind of universal recommendation.

I wrote a more thorough account of my reasoning for using a captain’s log as my movie recounting.

Photo at top of the page is of Commander Spock and Captain Kirk in “Star trek IV: The voyage home” (1986) and was taken by geraldford, CC BY-SA 2.0, original photo.