There are many ways to participate in this little experiment, if you wish.

Everyone can set their own level of commitment and how much time to spend watching the movies.

Watching the movies

Watch-along simply means to watch the same movies that I do, without any shared virtual or real facilities. However I tweet a little about the movies as I watch them.

Watch how ever many of the movies you want.

You could:

  • Watch all 365 movies on the days where I watch them
  • Watch all the movies that I watch, but with a weeks delay (or some other amount of delay you want)
  • Watch the Tuesday movies (or some other day that fits your schedule)
  • Watch the movies that I recommend after watching them
  • Watch the movies that are available on streaming services where you already have a subscription
  • Watch the movies you have not seen before
  • Have movie nights with the family when the movies are rated suitable for you
  • Watch the movies that are on the days it rains
  • Watch the movies that are in a language you speak
  • Pick your own system

I will try to give enough information on the upcoming movies page for most of the different ideas you have for watching along. For now there is a simple sentence about the movie where category, or categories, are mentioned, language, year and other essentials about the movie. I have also tried to find the age rating of the movies, but for some of the older once that has proved a bit difficult, so there is a simple recommendation from me that describes the issues the movie might have for younger audiences. (Such as “there is some violence in the movie”.) Local weather is probably something you can find out for yourselves.

I will also give some information about places where you can watch the movie, but it will in no way be a complete list of where you can see them.

After watching the movies

After you have watched these movies it would be interesting to see if you change in movie tastes, as well as seeing if my opinion changes. And will the amount of any change be dependent on how many movies a participant watches?

It is not easy to measure such a subjective trait as taste, and probably the best way is to see if there is any change in the taste.

If you write down you opinion about the movie after seeing it, that could be effective enough for this very unscientific experiment.

You could:

  • Keep a journal by the TV and write down a few sentences about each of the movies you watch
  • Write a short (or long, if you prefer)  comment on this site after watching one of the movies
  • Tweet your opinion about the days movie
  • Start a site of your own where you write about the days movie
  • Write down your opinion about the movies on the watch list in some other way

After these 12 months of possible indirect leaning about movies, you can then go back and see if you still think the same about these movies, or if there has been any change in your movie taste.

Did the experiment have any effect?

Hopefully this is where the discussion really begins.

You can read more about participating in my full post about it.


Photo at the top of the page showing a movie theater sign for “Plan 9 from Outer Space” was taken by Joi Ito from Inbamura, Japan – Cerf’s up, CC BY 2.0, Original photo