Aimless and on vacation

The first month of watching a movie each day is over and it has already turned into an endurance game. I knew that summer would probably be the most difficult, but this did not go well.

Firstly, the late nights with sun til nearly midnight and all the outdoor summertime fun and energy makes inside activities slightly less attractive. Secondly, I just came back from my summer vacation, and this year I went on an adventure. One night we ended up staying on an island quite far from the mainland where the interwebs did not want to interweb. Another night we stayed in a place where the hosts didn’t want to give us the password to get some interwebs, but claimed that they had. Very strange. (A wonderful and amazing trip with many really strange experiences.)

This made it quite difficult to write a daily blog, so I failed. But at least my vacation is over now, and hopefully I won’t fail again, cause that was embarrassing.

I also felt that the way I have been watching the movies and write about them, has been a little aimless. So I have decided to keep an eye out for something in particular each month, and in July I will look at how the story is divided into scenes and how these come together to create a story and a plot line.

Looking back at the different movies I have watched in June, I will say that I cherish some of the many adventures that have rolled over the screen. But sadly I have seen a few not so good movies, and two really crap ones, and the memories of just how bad these two movies were, have not faded.

Still, I don’t think there is much of a point to conducting a full review after just one month, so I will leave that for the three month mark.

The best memories from the past month has been (in no particular order) Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator, My neighbor Totoro, The wizard of Oz, To kill a mockingbird, Blade runner, La Haine, 12 angry men, V for vendetta and The sting. In other words, I liked quite a few of the movies very well, and most of the others were nice. So viewing wise, June was a good month.

Lets hope July is even better.

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