Cast away

cast-away-posterAmerican adventure drama from 2000.
Starring: Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Paul Sanchez
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Writer: William Broyles Jr.
Bechdel test: Fail


Chuck Noland is in a plain accident and miraculously survives and washes ashore on a small, deserted island. Will he be found?


I have seen “Cast away” before, and yet, I was entertained throughout. Portraying Chuck’s fight against the elements and loneliness demands someone with the rare combination of Tom Hanks’ dramatic and comedic talent. (I have to admit to being a fan of Tom Hanks, so this opinion might be a little colored by that.) It’s also nice that he is likeable.

I am usually not a fan of these “one man’s journey” or “one man against something” movies, but this has enough of that little extra to convince me. As a counterweight to my positive disposition towards Tom Hanks, I tried to imagine some other actor in the part, just some random male Hollywood stars, and I didn’t picture it going so well. But it is difficult to say what reality would have been like. I think this is a case of the right man for the part.


The story is not specially complicated and most of the movie takes part on the island with only Chuck and his companion Wilson the Volleyball. There are many funny little moments on the island and still there is no doubt that Chuck is suffering and it is unique that he can find solutions to problems like fresh water and food.

The visuals are strong and captures well the difficulties that the island offers to it’s sole inhabitant. The wind really seems to bend the trees and the waves really seems insurmountable.

But as mentioned, a large part of the reason I like “Cast away” is Tom Hanks. It is as if his performance tells a tragic story in hindsight with dark humor. (Even if it is really told in present time.) “Well, then I stranded on this island and luckily I met this really talkative guy. Wilson. He was a volleyball, but I’m not judgmental, so that worked out. We became pretty close.”


Watching “Cast away” again turned out to be pleasant and I had completely forgotten about the humor and weirdness of the movie. Maybe watching it again in a few years will surprise me then?


I would recommend this movie to anyone over 12, I think. Enjoy the humor and maybe more importantly, the drama.

Over to you

If you’ve recently seen “Cast away” or you’re watching along with my year of movies, please leave a comment below with your thoughts on the movie or note down your opinion somewhere else.

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