Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

etrnal-sunshine-of-the-spotless-mind-posterAmerican romantic drama from 2004.
Starring: Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Tom Wilkinson
Director: Michel Gondry
Writers: Charlie Kaufman, Michel Gondry, Pierre Bismuth
Bechdel test: Fail


Joel falls in love with Clementine and after a few years they break up. But the heartache is to much for them both. However, what if you could forget the other person?


I have been more bored by other movies, but not many. I only fell asleep once though, so the movie had the ability to entertain me to some extent. The boredom might not have been entirely the fault of the movie though, as I have never really enjoyed romantic movies much.

I have seen this movie before and I had the same reaction then.  Sadly I can still not put my finger on what is wrong with any certainty. Although I will try.


There are several great actors in this movie and they all deliver. What they deliver is however the problem. Joel is portrayed as a quiet and sullen guy, even at his happiest, which means that his broken heart doesn’t make for much of a difference. Clementine is extrovert and seek adventure regardless of how her relationship fairs. When these two characters have broken heart they cry and yell, but do not in any other way change. It seems a little strange.

The visual aspect is nice and there are several beautiful places surrounding the characters.

The story is somehow to simple. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, or for there to be some kind of imagery or metaphor that made this movie more than just the surface, but there was nothing there. Just the shallow surface.


I don’t want to watch “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” again. I think this one counts as a waste of my time.


I would not recommend this movie to anyone. It is just a bore.

Over to you

If you’ve recently seen “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” or you’re watching along with my year of movies, please leave a comment below with your thoughts on the movie or note down your opinion somewhere else.

20 movies down. 345 to go.

If you want to get “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” from Amazon, here is a link for that. They probably have the movie many other places too. Maybe it’s on a streaming service you subscribe to already?

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Until next time; live long and prosper.

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