Lawrence of Arabia

lawrence-of-arabia-posterAmerican and British biographical drama from 1962
Starring: Peter O’Toole, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn
Director: David Lean
Writers: T. E. Lawrence, Robert Bolt, Michael Wilson
Bechdel-test: Fail


A British officer during the first world war, T. E. Lawrence, is sent to Arabia where he gets involved in the Arab Revolt against The Ottoman Empire. We follow Lawrence through many adventures, and see things mostly from his perspective. The film is based on the memoirs of T. E. Lawrence; Seven Pillars of Wisdom.


They don’t make movies like this anymore. A true masterpiece. In technicolor and with thousands of extras the grandeur of what Lawrence experienced comes to life on the screen.

I doubt how accurate the movie is; it seems unlikely and condescending that these peoples needed some white guy to come and unite and rescue them. I don’t doubt that Lawrence experienced much of what is seen in the movie, but he might at the very least not have been as instrumental in the development of the Arab Revolt.

Still as a movie, as a story, it is fantastic.

And yes, I have seen “Lawrence of Arabia” before.


Everything in this movie is splendid and a joy to watch. Acting, images, sound, just everything.

The complete absence women is quite glaring, and strange. And when I later contemplated that this area becomes modern day Saudi Arabia, with their extreme repression of women, I also started to wonder what probably went on off camera in the women’s lives. Not a very good thought.

The rest is all just amazing, and I was, once again, so taken in by the story of Lawrence, that none of this occurred to me until after the movie.


Of course I will see this movie again some day.


My recommendation is that everyone see this movie at least once in their life.

If you have seen the movie, and are curious about the book it is based on, here is an amazon link to The Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T. E. Lawrence. I have become curious enough to start reading it.

Over to you

If you’ve recently seen “Lawrence of Arabia” or you’re watching along with my year of movies, please leave a comment below with your thoughts on the movie or note down your opinion somewhere else.

Six movies down. 359 to go.

If you want to get “Lawrence of Arabia” from Amazon, here is a link for that. They probably have the movie many other places too. Maybe it’s already on your shelf?

Tomorrow’s movie is “Monsters, Inc.“. Get some more information about this movie and the other movies on my watch list this week on the upcoming movies page. If you’re new to this site and are wondering why I’m watching a movie every day for a year, read more about my experiment.

Until next time; live long and prosper.

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