Deserts seen, grasslands tomorrow

While I wait for my year of movies to begin, I have started to watch Planet Earth II, and today’s episode was about deserts.

Deserts are probably my favorite habitat to study, and the part of me that is a botanist always want more about plants, but other than that, this episode of was perfect. The hard environment of deserts and the difficulty in adapting to the daily and yearly changes, for both animals and plants, was well told, and shown.

Some of the adaptions we saw in this episode are almost hard to believe exist on this planet, and some of the landscapes as well.

Footage, sound. narration (maybe especially narration), story and everything else that makes up an episode was impressive and interesting. I was watching wrapped the whole time, and I learned several new things. And some things that I’ve only ever read about came to life in my living room.

Only two episodes to go now, and tomorrows episode of Planet Earth II is about grasslands. Here is a small preview.

Photo at top of the post was taken by MostafamerajiOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Original Photo.

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