365 movies

After deciding to watch 365 movies in a year, I had to figure out witch movies to see.

Choosing the movies

In order for my experiment to work, the movies should be a mixture of popular once and the once loved by critics, they should be randomly distributed across the year and they should be praised for different reasons. My choice fell on movies from some of the more common lists on the net.

Here are some of them:

Not all the movies on all of these lists made the cut. I filtered the list mainly by availability, some are not easily found on any streaming services or similar, and some are difficult to find in English, either as voice acting, dubbing or subtitles.

I was finally, after having to check where one can watch a lot of different movies, left with a list of 365 movies.

About the movies

I have now collected some facts about these movies, a little for my own sake, and a little for anyone that should want to watch along, in order to get some insight into what to expect.

At the same time, I tried out a few different tools for visualization, to see what works on this blog.

First, apparently I should use infographics to impart information.


wordcloudI also tried making a word cloud for the categories of the movies, witch I found to be better fit for these data. (I liked the word cloud visualization.)

In addition to the labels in the cloud, almost all of the movies were labelled as dramas, but I do not know how accurate this is for all of them. It seems like some of them got this label solely because there is some kind of dramatization of human behavior, and for several of the once I have seen, it does not fit my typical idea of a drama. I limited the labels of each movie to two, and left out drama.


Movies by year.

For those who are specially interested I made a more detailed chart of the release year for each movie. And there is a clear tendency towards fewer movies from years further into the past.

I have also made a more detailed list of the languages of the movies that are not in English. Most of the animated movies can be seen in several languages, and in my data they have been listed as English. There are 78 movies not in English, and 11 of these are silent movies. I therefore count 67 of the movies as foreign language movies.


Foreign language movies by language.

There are a few surprises on the list, and a few that anyone would have guessed. Many of the movies are new to me, some I haven’t seen, and some I haven’t even heard of.

I am now starting to wonder what to expect from these movies.

I have for instance never seen 11 silent movies before, ever. I have tried to figure out what to expect with all these statistics, but I will just have to wait and see.

Maybe the 365 movies are like a box of chocolate, and with about half of them, I don’t know what I’m gonna get.

Photo at the top of the post was taken by W.carterOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0 and perfectly illustrates the question: What movies to watch?.

3 thoughts on “365 movies

  1. Are you going to reveal the whole list before the experiment starts? I’d love to see how many of them I know and like.


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