Islands today, mountains tomorrow

Planet Earth II: Episode 1 – Islands.

An amazing documentary episode. It was a drama and a thriller, with some romance, a little bit of horror (I got the hibi-jibies from the snakes at least) and some comedy. And such amazing images. The music played up to the stories perfectly and Sir David Attenborough’s narration was, as always, perfect.

I really want to travel now. Maybe a trip to Madeira next month will give me some island views and satiate a little of my need for travel.

Today, on Earth Day, the message of the show, care for our planet and see what amazing rewards we get in return, is so apt.

Amidst the strange opinions about science where even the most obvious results of human scientific endeavor has to be explained to adults as if they just emerged from caves, it is good to see how a brilliant TV show flaunts it’s scientific foundation.

Tomorrow I move on to Planet Earth II – Episode 2: Mountains.

Some unique tips on perfume there.

If you want to watch along tomorrow, BBC might have some tips on where you can watch Planet Earth II.

Photo at the top of the post was taken by Mwanner Title of photograph: Small Island in Lower Saranac Lake, CC BY-SA 3.0.

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